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Science TutoringScience Tutoring & Tutors
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Science is a difficult subject for many students, especially if they are unsatisfied with their teachers or professors. Students often complain that their science teachers – especially in subjects like biology, physics, chemistry, and organic chemistry – struggle to explain concepts and problems in easy-to-understand language.

Above the Curve's personal science tutoring can help. Our tutors are experienced, first-rate educators who are abundantly familiar with all aspects of standard junior high, high school, and college science curricula. Moreover, Above the Curve's private science tutors are energetic teachers who know exactly how to explain scientific theories and problems in clear, comprehensible language that allows students to master all the key scientific concepts and their applications.

Our private science tutors are qualified to assist students in the following subjects:

  • Biology (high school, AP, college)
  • Chemistry (high school, AP, college, Organic Chemistry)
  • Physics (high school, AP, college)
  • Earth Science
  • Anatomy
  • Physical Science
  • Environmental Science (high school, AP, college)
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Serving New York, Northern NJ/Bergen County, Westchester, NYC, Queens, Manhattan, and Riverdale.