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SAT & ACT TutoringSAT & ACT Tutoring for NYC, New York, NJ
Private, Professional, Personal In-Home Tutors

Many students dread SAT preparation, but almost all elite American colleges require prospective undergraduates to submit their SAT (or ACT) scores, which have an enormous impact upon students' admissions prospects. The good news, however, is that SAT prep need not represent an intimidating, stressful ordeal. Our tutors, all of whom have been meticulously trained to identify the best methods of teaching each student, have a proven track record of helping students systematically prepare for the SAT and dramatically improve their performance on all sections of the exam.

Moreover, our instructors – who provide in-home SAT tutoring throughout New York City (NYC), Westchester County, northern New Jersey, and Riverdale – are amiable, dynamic educators who are passionate about working with young people and helping them realize their aspirations.

Our Elite SAT Prep package includes:

  • A diagnostic evaluation aimed at discovering student strengths and weaknesses and identifying the best SAT tutoring methods for individual students.
  • 30-45 hours of private SAT tutoring in students' homes.
  • Instruction using Above the Curve's proprietary SAT tutoring materials:
    • A detailed math workbook focused on teaching strategies to identify and solve the 23 most important SAT Math problem types.
    • A comprehensive introduction to SAT Reading Comprehension, including a thorough analysis of how to handle every type of Reading question.
    • An exhaustive grammar review, introducing and then applying the 14 key grammatical rules and concepts tested in the Writing section of the SAT.
  • Weekly homework assignments, including full-length exams, which help students solidify their grasp of material covered during tutoring sessions.
  • Individualized vocabulary-study programs, designed specifically for each student's preferred methods of learning.
  • Free access to – and consultation with – Above the Curve tutors and management.

ACT Tutoring

In recent years, the ACT exam has become increasingly popular, and most American colleges now accept ACT scores as an alternative to the SAT. In fact, some schools even recognize the ACT as a substitute for certain SAT Subject tests.

Happily, much of the material covered by the ACT – particularly in the English, Math, Reading, and Essay sections – overlaps that which is tested by the SAT, so our SAT tutors are also fully equipped to handle ACT tutoring.

However, the ACT does differ from the SAT in certain respects:

  • The ACT (but not the SAT) contains a science section that tests how well students interpret experimental data, charts, and graphs and how well they understand scientific concepts.
    • Note: The ACT does not test specific scientific knowledge.
  • The ACT tests a limited number of math concepts that the SAT does not cover: Trigonometry, Radians, Matrixes, Logarithms, and Imaginary Numbers.
  • On the ACT reading comprehension section – unlike on the SAT – the order of the questions does not follow the order of the material in the passage.
  • The ACT, unlike the SAT, does not contain a vocabulary-based sentence completion section.
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