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In-Home Math Tutoring for NYC, New York, NJ
Private, Professional, Personal In-Home Tutors

In-Home Math TutoringPerhaps no school subject is as important, and as potentially frustrating, as math. Many students who have difficulty with math insist that they are just not “math people.” However, in many cases, the real problem is that students have not been taught the material in a straightforward, accessible way.

Above the Curve’s private math tutors are experienced, expert educators knowledgeable in all aspects of standard math curricula – for elementary school, junior high, high school, and college mathematics courses. Moreover, they communicate mathematical concepts in a comprehensible, holistic way that allows students to master the material and excel in their math coursework.

Above the Curve math tutors, who serve all of New York City (NYC) and surrounding areas, are available to help students with the following math courses:

  • Arithmetic (including basic operations, decimals, fractions,
    percents, exponents, and problems involving money and time)
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra I & II
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Pre-Calculus/Calculus (high school, AP, and college levels)
  • Statistics (high school, AP, and college levels)
  • SAT Subject Tests in Mathematics – Levels 1 & 2
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Serving New York, Northern NJ/Bergen County, Westchester, NYC, Queens, Manhattan, and Riverdale.