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Because of the challenging economy, law schools have been receiving huge numbers of applications during the past few years. Indeed, the number of law degrees awarded during the past decade has increased by more than 11%, and the Law School Admission Council announced just last year that a record number of prospective law school students – more than 60,000 – had sat for one LSAT exam in recent months, up 20% from the previous year. Our LSAT tutors can help.

Given this highly competitive environment, LSAT scores matter now more than ever. Superb LSAT scores – and impressive undergraduate G.P.A.s – are by far the most significant factors that can help students gain admission to elite law schools.

The LSAT is a particularly challenging exam, since it includes question types – especially in the “Logical Reasoning” and “Analytical Reasoning” sections – that may seem unfamiliar to many students. Fortunately, however, the LSAT is also particularly conducive to advanced preparation and specific problem-solving strategies. Above the Curve’s highly experienced LSAT tutors, located throughout New York City (NYC) and surrounding areas, are well-versed in all of the best LSAT strategies and have expertly helped dozens of students ace the LSAT.

Our complete LSAT Prep package includes:

  • Private tutoring sessions with one of our expert LSAT tutors.
  • Access to Above the Curve's advanced LSAT strategies and materials.
  • Weekly homework assignments, including a number of full-length exams.
  • Customized admissions plan – including recommendations on where to apply and how to construct effective applications and outstandi ng personal essays.
  • Personal consultations with current law students and/or with attorneys at some of New York's largest, most selective law firms.
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