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College Admissions ConsultantsCollege Admissions Preparation Services for NYC, New York, NJ
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Gaining admission to elite American colleges is as difficult today as it has ever been.  The Harvard Undergraduate Admissions office, for instance, last year announced that it had admitted the lowest-ever percentage of applicants (6.9%) into its undergraduate Class of 2014. More recently, many top-tier schools – including Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, Northwestern, and Duke – disclosed that they had received a record number of applications for the Class of 2015.

Given the competitive environment, students can be forgiven for feeling a bit apprehensive about earning admission to the colleges of their choice. To help alleviate the anxiety of the college admissions process and maximize students' chances of finding and gaining admission to the schools best suited for their needs and ambitions, Above the Curve offers a comprehensive College Admissions Assistance package. Our package includes extensive personal consultation with Above the Curve's college admissions consultants and counselors, concerning all aspects of the college application process.

As part of our College Admissions Assistance package, our college admissions counselors will:

  • Help students identify the schools that offer the most ideal environments in which to pursue their educational, professional, and social aspirations.
  • Assist students in planning a balanced, but rigorous, academic and extracurricular schedule that highlights their strengths and passions.
  • Ensure that students follow a prudent strategy in selecting which standardized tests to take – and when to take them.
  • Keep students informed and up-to-date on all college admissions requirements and deadlines.
  • Help students craft original college essays that articulately convey a coherent, compelling picture of themselves and their potential.
  • Prepare students to “ace” their interviews with college alumni of the schools to which they are applying.

Of course, reputable college admissions consultants cannot guarantee admission into a particular school, and parents and students should remain realistic in their expectations. However, our college admission counselors – many of whom work in New York’s most exclusive private schools – are experts at assessing students' records and devising customized lists of schools that match students with the colleges best equipped to help them achieve academic and professional success.Contact us today to request more information - Click HERE

Serving New York, Northern NJ/Bergen County, Westchester, NYC, Queens, Manhattan, and Riverdale.


Judah Kraut, Above The Curve Director, Assists in Admission to Cornell. Watch Video.

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